About US


Our Story

 Bazzle Ridge LLC has its roots and wings in the late 1880’s in the Low Country of South Carolina, although it was legally formed in 2010 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  

It was during that decade in the 19th century that M. H. Hiott, an orphaned farm worker, acquired a tract of land called ‘Bazzle Ridge’.  

That parcel of land was handed down 130 years later to his granddaughter who, with her husband, reluctantly sold it in 2010 and enthusiastically reinvested the income in the properties now held by the newly-formed Bazzle Ridge LLC.  

By using this name we acknowledge the blood, sweat, tears, foresight and generosity of all our forebears. We hope to honor and thank them by investing the proceeds wisely and by managing them with integrity.  

We also want to provide needed services and housing in a way that serves the community by seeking the highest and best use of these properties.

Above all, we want to continue an old legacy in the new place our extended family, with great affection, calls home.

The mission of Bazzle Ridge LLC is to provide high-quality rental spaces and superior customer service to our Grand Rapids area customers while maintaining and growing our business.